Welcome to Freedom Yoga Studio, "stretching the possibilities of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in West Bridgford"

Based in West Bridgford,  Nottingham, Freedom Yoga Studio is my offering to help guide people to a full experience of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



My style of teaching has developed as a result of over a decade of working as a body-worker. In this time I have been able to observe certain patterns and tendencies common to many.

We live within a culture of waiting for things to go wrong with the body before we then go and see someone to find out whats wrong with us. We then take the prescription or advice and often continue in the same way until the next thing comes along.  The consequence is many people are so lacking in body- awareness that we are oblivious to the richness of feedback being given to us.

"The body communicates through the language of sensation and the more unfamiliar with it we are the louder it has to shout for us to take notice."

My experience has been that developing this awareness in an intelligent way cannot only greatly improve our own health, it can also bring insight into other areas within our own experience which can then be explored.

"The biggest stimulus for the musculo-skeletal system is movement" so from here we need to learn how to move in a way that best serves for health and maintainance of the body for life. The common benefits for anyone I have ever met that integrated yoga into their life are heightened body awareness, improved posture, improved strengh, greater flexibility and far less pain and discomfort within the body.

The classes are structured around three sequences I have devloped and taught in small class sizes (maximum ten) This enables students to learn and become familiar with the sequences and develop the confidence to move towards self practice.

From here it is possible to delve deeper into other areas of yoga should someone wish to.




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