Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and remedial massage - for the treatment of soft tissue aches pains and injuries.

Minor strains to muscles are one of the most commonly occuring injuries, but if left untreated result in poor muscle function, compensatory factors developing and with time more serious problems. This type of massage is great for dealing with all manor of soft tissue injuries from a frozen shoulder to a simple pulled muscle. It is also of great use as a maintainance treatment to aid recovery and help prevent soft tissue injuries. Further more with muscle controlling bone the best way to keep the structure at its best is through correct muscular function which is strongly promoted with sports and remedial massage. Treatments involve a combination of deep tissue massage, facscial and muscular release techniques as well as deep stretching techniques.

30 minutes £30

60 minutes £52

Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional thai medicine, the others being herbal medicine and spiritual meditation. It has been practised for at least 1000 years. Many of us in modern society have lives that although busy, are often repetitive with regards to movement. Muscles recievs there stimulus from the movements we go through but also from our thoughts and feelings. Thai massage looks to open and loosen the body through pressures stretches and manipulations. Leaving the body feeling loose and open and the heart and mind more at peace. Sessions take place on a futon mat with client and therapist fully clothed.

90 minutes £65

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is a technique used in traditional chinese medicine to dispel stagnation of blood and qi. However im not trained in traditional chinese medicine so cannot talk about it from that perspective. My findings with cupping are that its a great way to release connective tissue from areas that massge can be uncomfortable. Its also a really useful treatment when a cold feels like it is setting in. Cupping can also be used as an add on treatment to free areas of tension and congestion that are too sensitive during the early stages of massage.

The cups have a powerful suction that will leave visible redness, this redness dissapears in just a few days and only occurs in areas of high toxicity and tension.

30 minutes £30

The Dorn Method

The dorn method is a gentle holistic manual therapy for the gentle and safe correction of misalignments in vertebrae and other joints. It is useful in treating illness directly or indirectly linked to the spinal colomn. Using relaxed comfortable movements and gentle pressure the verterae and joints are gently guided back into correct position. a back massage makes up part of the treatment as well to allow the muscles to quickly accept the new position of the structure. If the body is particularly tight the massage will be done first.

60 minutes £45


My signature treatment, and personally devised.

This therapy delivers a firm flowing and rhythmical massage to give the muscular skeletal system a complete overhaul.


A customised full body oil massage using approaches from around the world. Deep tissue and remedial massage techniques are used along with muscular release techniques, deep stretches and structural adjustments. The result is increased muscular elasticity and joint mobility.

The perfect treatment for postural aches and pains and maintainance of the muscular skeletal system.

90 minutes £65

All treatments are carried out at Anokhi beauty west bridgford, to make a booking call

( 01159 811996) or contact me on (07769153221)

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